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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I think I've found my next motorcycle!

Yesterday, after an interesting trip to a Home Machine Quilting show with the spouse, I stopped at the local Triumph motorcycle dealer to have a look at this Speedmaster. Its a really sleek machine but not too surprisingly, I don't fit. My legs are too short. Not too short to touch the ground from such a low seat height, but too short to reach the forward location of the controls and footpegs! I did fit on this Bonneville T100 and I actually liked it much better just for the absolute coolness of its beautiful, retro styling. The Bonneville looks like a motorcycle is supposed to look, in my mind's eye and I really like its classic shapes and colors.

The spouse is pretty certain that I will not be getting a motorcycle, especially one that comes with monthly payments like that Bonneville would entail. And I really just stopped to look on a lark, because of a magazine advertisement that I has seen a few days ago. She is probably right in this instance, especially since she doesn't have any intention of riding with me.

But, you just never know...

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